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28 May 2011 @ 02:08 pm
My fiancé's family refuses to pay for his education if he transitions before he graduates college. We're set to be married in May 24,2014, almost a month after he graduates. I want our marriage to be legal; it is important to me and also he doesn't want my family to know he's trans. He wants to go stealth when he's done with his transition, something I fully support. I don't know what to do. I'm upset and frustrated and I don't understand why they're being so manipulative. His father is pretty accepting behind closed doors, but they just refuse to acknowledge him as a boy. I love him with all of my heart and I will never let him go, but I just can't handle this.
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26 April 2011 @ 08:32 pm
Anyone planning to attend the 10th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference June 2-4?


25 April 2011 @ 07:45 pm
 Hello everyone, 

I am new to this community and fairly new to lj as well. I'm still having a little trouble figuring out lj when it comes to communities and such. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why posts from this community don't show up on my friends page? If anyone could give me some feedback as far as how I can be able to view posts on my friends page that would be amazing. 
Also here is a little background on myself. I am 23 years old (about to be 24), My husband is ftm (we got married December 14th 2010), and I am a real girl drag entertainer in my area my stage name is Destiny Divine. 
Thanks in advance for any feedback. 
07 October 2009 @ 02:18 pm

This post is directed more towards the many Transgender individuals who are newly discovering themselves and beginning to look for ways to begin their transition. It is a review and warning about a certain Psychologist who specializes in Gender Dysphoria. I'm writing this on behalf of my Boyfriend who is not able due to lack of time to post this warning.

My Boyfriend, like so many others I am sure, was not able to go see a Therapist in person. With his job and the distance, the best solution he found for therapy was an Online site called www.Gendertherapist.com .It seemed too easy to be true, and in the end it turned out it was.

Only after transferring the amounts it would take for a certain number of sessions,  my boyfriend began his sessions with the thearpist. Each session began with recapping of the previous session, with the Dr. trying to figure out which client he was talking to and trying to remember what he had forgotten from the prior week. If there was an incident which meant you had to miss a session and you canceled it or tried to reschedule with an ample amount of warning, days ahead, he would still try to force my boyfriend to pay for the lost session. My Boyfriend began to get irritated eventually with the fact they began to no longer talk about Gender related issues, nor even about himself, instead  the Dr. spoke of his day, how his week was going, often took phone calls while during a session meaning my boyfriend sat there waiting for the him to return. Each session was only an hour long, not alot of time to be doing other things rather than paying complete attention to your patient who is paying you for the time.

Finally my boyfriend decided he didn't want to continue, didn't want to pay a good amount of money for  nothing, so he spoke with the Dr. about getting a advance on the letter for his T since it seemed their sessions were amounting to nothing more, the Dr. gave him a draft copy of his letter, which was simply the letter my Boyfriend had written and form he had filled out in the beginning,  but with some words altered, such as 'I believe' in regards to the doctors belief. He had incorrect information on them as well. He told my boyfriend to get the final Letter he would have to pay $200. The amount for sessions that he wouldn't be having, and an amount for the letter itself.

My boyfriend was sick of the lack of professionalism by the man, and decided he would instead do things an alternate way. Since he canceled the last of his sessions,  the Dr has sent him many emails asking for the Money, asking why he was not coming back, and giving him a story of how little money he has to support himself and how he needed the money, trying to guilt trip him. He also began to try to add him on Facebook and Twitter and basically e-stalking him.

We want to Warn people about the Unprofessional conduct of this Gender Therapist. To try and hopefully protect others from getting the same treatment, and having someone trying to scam you out of money before stalking you on line and constantly requesting your money.

Luckily my Boyfriend has gone a different route and is on his way to getting his T.
29 September 2009 @ 02:05 pm

I've just created a network for partners of ftm. I hope you give support in this network to share our views and help each other. To know more about my life too, sign up and join me in my journey with an FTM..


22 September 2009 @ 04:53 pm
Hello Everyone!

I have a small question for individuals who have had Top Surgery. I am just wondering what the price ranges have been for individuals who have had it done, how much did it cost and what Doctor preformed it.

Thank you for your time.
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24 August 2009 @ 01:13 am
Hi I'm Ashes, or at least that's what I've been called since I was two. I haven't hear my real name outside of the DMV since I left school at 11 XD.

I think this is what they mean by awkwardCollapse )

Anyhow hello everyone *waves*
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27 June 2009 @ 08:08 pm
I'm asking this on behalf of my partner. Since I started T (injectable testosterone cypionate. started at 50mg a week and have gone up to 100mg a week, 3 months ago), she has noticed the following symptoms:
shorter periods, change in cycle length (25-30 days between periods, down from consistently 32 days between), pain upon ovulation, increased acne, hot flashes, and extreme irritability.

From what I understand, there should be no way my T is affecting her since it is not gel or cream. she has had her estrogen, and progesterone levels checked and some other tests run and everything came back normal.

has anyone else experienced anything like this when their partner started T? any thoughts on this? is it possible that it is related to me taking T or is it totally random? Thanks in advance.
15 June 2009 @ 07:20 pm
hey there.
The reason I am posting this here is because in the last few years these lj communities have done nothing but good for me, so this is me giving back.

First, a bit about me..
I am currently 1 year and 6 months into medical transition. I take 100 mg of injectable testosterone every ten days. I am 3 months post chest reconstruction surgery. Since starting on hormones my entire sexual world has opened and my likes/dislikes have changed completely. With my ever changing body I am more in tune to explore and that's why I am here.. to share my experiences. Basically I took another job up.. testing out sex toys. I have created this on-line journal in order to post about toys I have tested in order to broaden a perspective from someone who identifies as FTM. There are many sex toys out there and the growing trans community seems to be at a loss as to what might better work for their bodies and minds. I would like to be another voice in the mix to help people who might need a reference. If you'd like to add me (toys_for_t_boys) please feel free. I promise I wont fill your page with loads of crap, as I really only do about 3 reviews a week. Usually under cuts as to not take up too much space. anyway, I hope my reviews help in your search for the perfect toy!
ps. I just got started on this project so there really isn't much to read yet.

x-posted. Apologies if you see this a few times.
04 June 2009 @ 07:27 pm
Good Evening Everyone,

So here is a hopefully short introduction of myself. My name is Sera and I am a 25 year old cisgender pansexual female. I have known my partner and love for 8 years now, and since the first time I spoke to him I knew somewhere in myself that he was the person I was meant to be with. We met online, not by searching or by some dating service, but rather in a normal chat room of common interests. The more we spoke of general things and the more we got to know eachother the more we knew that our relationship was much more than just a friendship. Without prior intentions, we found ourselves liking eachother much more than common aquaintences.

Through the years I understood him to be a bio-male and at such a young age that we were when we met, we were still on great roads to self discovery. I wasn't aware when we first met that I was pansexual nor was he aware that he was a Transgender. Years went by, and sometimes we found ourselves parting ways but always finding eachother again. He was scared of the inadequacy he felt daily, of not being who he truly was, and I well, sat waiting for him to discover it.

November of 2008 the truth came out, he explained to me (after I began to give my long over due suspicions, and after he discovered who he truly was) that he was a FTM. He explained to me that the only reason he let it go on for so long was because he was so afraid of loosing me. But he didn't want to keep that cloud over us anymore. He had every expectance of me turning from him then and going my own way. Its still a shock to him that I didn't. I still stand fully by him, supporting him, and some how was not surprised to hear the truth at all, it was just a giant load off both our shoulders. I also understand why he did what he did, and the fears that he might have had, all I did was smile instead of getting mad. I think at the right time, truths come out, because in younger years, we may not have understood properly and as openly. But I love him now as much as I loved him then.

We met for the first time May 21st, 2009 in Boston. It was such a marvelous time, finally getting to know the true him. We have only grown closer. So now is our struggle, to try and live with eachother. See, he lives in USA and I live in Canada so immigrating is quite a journey. I can't wait for the time I can live with him, happily ever after. And I look forward to being there for every transition he goes through.